Kamis, 31 Maret 2016



Let me introduce myself. My name’s Raden Bagus Muhammad Cemal Ecmal Rachmat,people call me Cemal. I was born in Bandung, 25th August 2000. I live in Jln. Muararajeun Baru IV no. 3 RT 003 RW 010 with my lovely Family.My hobby is doing sports,especially basketball.I love doing sport very much because it give many benefits to people who doing it,such us make us healty and make our body looks great.I have 4 siblings,2 brother and 2 sister.They are older than me.So,you can guess I’m the last child in my familiy.In the future,i want to be a police.My father are an enterpreneur and my mother works in goverment. In 2006-2012, i went to Istiqamah Elementary School. In 2012-2015, i went to 5 JHS Bandung.I choose 5 JHS Bandung because i want to achive one of my dream,being a student in 3 Senior High School Bandung.And my dream was come true,start in July 2015 till now,i'm a student in 3 Senior High School Bandung,imstill a 10 grader in X Science 3. And in 2018, i have a wish that i will be a college student in FK UNPAD or Akademi Kepolisian in Semarang. I really really love playing music instrumental,playing games and doing sports.Everyweek,I spend a little time to do my hobbies.Beside i like doing dports,I love music. I love The Script,Arctic Monkeys,and Ed Sheeran.Being an architect is my dream,like my father.But my mom gives suggestion that I could be chemical or medical engineering.Until now, I’m still confused for choose my future goals.In school,many people think that I’m naughty.And that’s little bit right.But,I think being naughty is useless.And now,I think I have chosen the right school to get me closer to my dream.So I must to focus on studying to reach my dream

Okay...That’s all from me...thank youu!!!!

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