Kamis, 31 Maret 2016


Last holiday I and my family went holiday to Yogyakarta. I went to Yogyakarta on Monday. We went there by car.
Before went to Yogyakarta. First I was prepared something, for example : I was prepared some snack, soft drink,. I was very busy, because I was ironed clothes. I was very tired, but I was very happy.
On Monday, I would went to Yogyakarta. Before went to Yogyakarta. We gethered in my house. After that we arrived in car. I sat with my brother. On the way, I was ate some snack, soft drink. After, I was satisfied and I was felt sleepy, tired. Then I was slept. After that I was got up and I was listened music. On the way very long, I saw some admire there. Admire there very beautiful. Before arrivedm we stopped in shop for bought ice cream, but I ate ice cream in car. After on the way very long, finish we arrived in Yogyakarta. I was very tired, but I was very happy.
After arrived in Yogyakarta. First I went to Yogyakarta harbour, I was happy, but I was dizzy. After that we went to zoo, there I saw animals. After saw animals, I saw admire there with walked, there I saw admire river. After satisfied I had luch together. After that I played there. After that, we went to Malioboro. On the way I was slept. After on the way old, finish arrived in Malioboro, I was got up, I was very happy, then I saw admire there very beautiful. I was enjoy. I was bought some snack and some souvenir for family in the house. There I took a picture. After that I had dinner together. Before ate we gathered in field for dinner. After dinner we prayed together.
After prayed, I was enjoyed night admire. Very beautiful. I cannot went home. Before we went home we gethered. I was sad, because I would went home. After long a time enjoy admire. I was satisfied and would went home.
After satisfied, we went home. On the way went home, I was very tired, but I was very happy. Then I was slept. On the way went home at night. After on the way very old, finish we arrived in the house I arrived in the house at 10.00 p.m. After arrived in the house, I then slept, because I was tired. I was very happy.

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