Kamis, 31 Maret 2016


Hello world, Today I'm going to tell you about LKS. LKS is a leadership training  for students. This kind of event is expected to make us a great leader and make our mental stronger. So, the LKS in SMAN 3 Bandung was held at Thursday, November 5th - Saturday, November 7th 2015. It was placed in Rindam III / Siliwangi,in Manado street. It was like a military base (if I'm not mistaken). I was kind of afraid to face this training, because my father said it will be like a military academy,and we must be very very discipline.

So, at the first day I went there by motorcycle, bring my carrier and we all sit in a line. Our name were called one by one, and the soldier name,was so funny.His name is Lois Panjaitan and this is my fthe first time I met funny soldier like him.

After that, there's a presentation, and then we had lunch. Before eating our lunch, we have to sing a song. it sounded like this :
  Bila waktu makan telah tiba
  Segera menuju ruang makan
  Bangkitkan semangatmu pelajar
  Siapkan perut untuk diisi

  Jangan lupa habiskan nasi

  Juga dengan lauk pauknya
  Sayur mayur juga disikat
  Hindarkan bicara dengan teman

We must sing this song every time we are going to eat. And then there's some rule while eating. We must sit really straight, only our right hand  that is allowed to be on the table, don't make any noise, and our hand that approach our mouth,not our mouth approach the hand.

I'm not going to tell you about the training, presentations, and stuffs like that because it's not fun to be told here right? so, next I'm going to tell you about other weird things. when we take a bath/shower (we don't literally take a bath or shower because there was none of them) we have to shower really quick. and you know what? It's a toilet for us all. there's no wall or something to separate each of us. That's why we didn't take off all of our clothes. I didn't even take a bath, guys. I just brush my teeth and wash my face and hair.I only take a bath on the last day,because we get one hour to take a bath an clean our bed in barrack.When I sleep in barrack,I think it was very very uncomfortable,because in my barrack,we must “fight” with mosquito every night.

And there's a really stupid incident. Seven of us (not me) were caught 'stole' something from the canteen. but someone said it was a total lie.And on the last day,I feel very very tired and sleepy.Finally,this event finished at 12 o’clock.

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