Kamis, 31 Maret 2016


#32018 have 360 different physiques and personalities. And in English Additional Class B
gets me to know more of them.
Now,I wan’t to tell you about my new friend.He is M.Rafif Cahyadi Agung..‎ He's in class X-3.Actually,he isn’t truly my newfriend,because we often go to canteen
together,because I know him in course place.‎
Rafif's home resides on Permata Cimahi Housing Complex R2-29,Like me, ,he has two brothers,one older brothers study in Universitas Gadjah Mada(UGM) in Jogjakarta,and one younger brother study in Al-Azhar Elementary School. He was born on 21th of January 2000, and he is older than me.But i’m taller than him J,I’m sorry Rafif :p.Rafif hobbies are listening to music and playing music instrument.He is very good at playing guitar,and he will perform at MK3 Concert at Dago Tea House in 21 May,congrats rafif.he likes The 1975,Coldplay,and Arctic Monkeys.Beside that,he is a youtubers.And he has a big dream to be a succesful architect.
p.s: Fried Rice is his favorite food!

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