Kamis, 31 Maret 2016



1.Pembawa Pesan in English
2.Musical instrument start with X
3.To burn something,ma must use or
4.Burung puyuh in English
5.The book is ... the desk
6.Art of pottery is mostly from ...
7.Some movies contain violences and ...
8.Cooking tools start with W
9.Shark has ... in their mouth
10.Calcium can make our .... stronger


1.Barack Obama is the President of ....
2.Having a free ... is the main cause of HIV/AIDS
3.cancel has the closest meaning to...
4.kita in English
5.Atau in English
6.We can hear sound or voice by using our ...
7.When we want to call someone,we usually use ...
8.Have + ing =
9.We’re gonna miss our friends or our family when they’re ...
10.Para penjilat in English
11.I’m ... by the view
12.Vas in English
13.4(Empat) in English

Created by:RBM Cemal Ecmal (X IPA 3)
                   M.Rafif Cahyadi (X IPA 3)

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